Referral program if created for customer to encourage others to make purchases by recommending a product or service. In return, the existing customer (inviter) often receives rewards or incentives when the new customer (referee/receiver) makes a purchase or fulfills a certain action.

The Flits referral program is a guaranteed method for proactively retaining customers, offering the following benefits that are highly coveted in a business.

  • Customer acquisition

  • Higher conversion rate

  • Increases trust and creates a positive brand image

  • Customer loyalty

Let’s take a look at the credit benefits you can offer to your customers in Flits referral program.

  1. Sender’s credit - Incentives for referrer customers received when referees register themselves with the store. Click to learn more.

  1. Receiver’s credit - Incentives for refereeing customers for creating an account using a shared referral link. Click to learn more.

  1. Credit on number of referrals - Credits allotted when referrer customer reaches to a target of referring X no of successful referrals. Click to learn more.

Here, the term successful referral refers to referee customers who created their using a shared referral link.

  1. Credit on receiver’s order - Reward given to referrer customer when their referee customer places an order. Click to learn more. 

  1. Credit based on receiver’s total spent amount - Reward given to referrer customer when their referee customer spends some amount on the store. Click to learn more.

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