Receiving credits based on the total amount spent by referred customers serves as an enticing reward for the inviter. Beyond the standard referral program rewards, this rule acts as a guarantee that the inviter will receive credit for a portion of the amount spent by their referred customers.

This reward rule encourages existing customers to refer your product/service to other via referral program to earn credits.

Steps to set up Credit based on Receiver’s Total Spent

  1. To set up Credit based on the receiver’s total spent amount, go to Premium Tools > Store credit setup/ edit > Earning rules 

  1. Click Add ways to earn or Add referral rules and select Credit based on the receiver’s total spent amount.

  1. To set up Credit based on the receiver’s total spent amount, click the "Add extra rule" button.

Now, add the receiver’s total spent amount, credit value and comment to create a new rule. Here, credit value can be set up in two ways: 1. As a fixed credit and 2. As a percentage value of amount spent

Let us understand this with an example. If a referral customer spends $200, the inviter of that referral will get 5% of referral’s total spent i.e $10 (5% of 200) as credit.

  1. To implement the changes, simply click on Save from the top right corner.

Note: If you want to configure notifications, please click on any of the notification checkboxes. 

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