This article will give a brief about the Store credits’ notification feature provided by Flits.

Note: This feature is available only for users who have purchases Store credit premium tool

What are Store credits’ notifications? 

Store credit notifications are brief messages that pop up on your device to alert you about important information regarding store credits.

Types of notifications for store credits

There are two types of notifications-

  1. Mail notifications

  2. Push notifications

Mail notification is a message sent to your customer’s email inbox to keep you informed about store credit related activities.  

Push notification is an instant message that appears on your device screen, providing real-time alerts for store credits..

An example of how Push notifications look like. This image is just for reference, actual contents may differ. 

Flits store credit notifications feature

Flits lets you provide store credit related notifications for triggers such as sign up, placing an order, birthday, bonus credits, etc. to your customer. 

To send mail notification integration with mail notification apps like Klaviyo, Contlo or third party platforms like- Gmail, mandrill, Sparkpost, and mailgun is required. 

For Push notification we have an integration with PushOwl.

If you have issues setting up notifications or need assistance feel free to contact us via mail at