Note: This integration is available on Business and Enterprise Plans.

Step 1:  Go to Flits App Admin.

Step 2:  Click on Integration section from the left side navigation menu as per below image. 

Step 3: Scroll down and click on Integration with PushOwl button as per below image.

  • If Pushowl is installed in your store you will get a popup that "PushOwl has been successfully Integrated". Refer to the Image1 & Image2



  • If PushOwl is not installed in your store you will be redirected to Install PushOwl page on Shopify store admin and you have to install PushOwl from there. Refer to the Image3 & Image4.



Q. How to edit Push Notifications?

Step 4: Go back to Flits Admin page and click on Settings from Admin panel.

Step 5: Click on Notification Settings.

Step 6: On the Notification Settings page, Click on Push Notification tab of any notification.

Note: On the Notification Settings page, You will be able to view Push Notification tab only if you have installed PushOwl application and Successfully integrated PushOwl with Flits on the Integration page. Refer to the below image.

Step 7: You can edit each and every notification as per your wish or you can use the default notifications. (On the left side of the panel you will get options for each and every notification viz Admin, Register, Order Spent etc)

* Mandatory fields to send a successful push notification: Title, Primary Link (In Action Button -Text, Link)

Step 8: After editing, click on the Save button, to apply changes.

Note: Please make sure to allow notifications on your browser.

Step 9: After allowing notifications, you can see push notification for relevant credit activity as shown in the below image.

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