Introduction to mail notification

This article will give you a brief introduction of the notification feature by Flits. The notifications will allow you to send store credit-related messages to your customers by integrating with mail platforms. 

Note: This feature is available only to users who have purchased the Store credit premium tool

Why use mail notifications?
Mail notifications provide a convenient and professional way of sending information without the need to force customers to check multiple apps. It is the easiest way to reach out to customers who regularly use email platforms. 

What kind of notifications can I send via Flits?

You can send all store credit-related updates to customers using Flits. For example, if a customer earns store credit on signing up or on placing an  order, you can set a mail notification for this. 

Steps to send mail notifications

1. To send mail notifications you need to integrate with platforms mentioned below-

You can use mail platforms such as Gmail, Mailgun, Mandrill and Sparkpost.

You can use Shopify apps such as Klaviyo , Contlo, etc. 

We can set up mail notification with any mail platform of your choice provided you share details like SMTP for the same. 

2. After integration you can use the mail editor to set up triggers for sending store  credit mail notifications. 

Please note: Flits is not a mail platform, the notification feature is to help you send store credit related updates to your customers using third party platforms. 

If you need help regarding setting up mail notifications feel free to contact us via mail at