Establish a consistent reward cycle by introducing rewards on the referral's order. Through this rule, you can incentivize the sender customer whenever their referred customer makes a purchase.

This feature is available for Business & Enterprise Plan users only.

Steps to set up Credit on receiver’s order credit rule 

  1. To set up Credit on receiver’s orders, go to Premium Tools > Store credit setup > Earning rules.

  1. Click Add ways to earn or Add referral rules and select Credit on receiver’s orders.

  1. Receiver’s order credit rule can be set up in two ways: 

1.Specific order number credit - applies to specific order number 

2.Rest of order credits - applies to mentioned order number and all upcoming orders

- To set up this rule, add order number, credit value and comment in the credit on receiver’s section.

- Click the "Add extra rule" button, if you wish to set credit on a specific order number.

- For example, on receiver’s (referral) 1st order sender (inviter) will receive $x credit.

Note: You can set credit value in fixed or percentage. Percentage credits will be calculated based on X% of cart value.

  1. To implement the changes, simply click on Save from the top right corner.

Note: If you want to configure notifications, please click on any of the notification checkboxes. 

If you need more help on setting up this rule please contact us on