This article will help you understand the Spend credit rules. 

Please note: Setting up a spending rule is a must to allow customers to spend the credits. 

Purpose of setting up spending rule

The spending rule will help merchants limit the amount of credits the customer can spend. If a customer has accumulated a lot of credits over time, it may not be beneficial for your business to allow them to spend all the credits as sometimes credits may be more than the price of the product which will make the total price 0. This rule will help you set a cart range and subsequent credit limits for them. 

You can view the gif below or scroll down to see the steps via screenshots

Steps to set up spending rule

  1. Go to Premium tools > Store credits setup > Spending rules

  1. Once you click on ‘Add spending rule’ the rule setup page will appear

  1. In the Cart value range field add the cart ranges for spending.

For example, if you want to allow customers to X$ credits when they spend above $500 then input $500 to maximum. If you want to create multiple ranges then you can click on Add extra rule.

  1. In the Credit input field add the amount or % of credit you want to allow them to spend.  

  • Fixed credit amount means customers can spend a fixed amount of credit when they shop within the cart ranges. 

  • Percentage (%) credit means customers can spend X% of the amount spent by them if it falls within the cart range. 

Suppose you have added three cart ranges. 

$500 to $4999, credit - 100 fixed

$5000 to $7999, credit 10%

$8000 to $maximum, credit 500 fixed

In the first range, the customer can spend a maximum of 100 if they shop above 500 till 4999. 

In the second range, the customer can spend 10% of the cart value. If they buy a product worth 6000 (Falls within 5000 to 7999), they can spend 10% i.e. 600 as credits.

In the third range, 8000 to maximum means if customers purchase above 8000 then can use a maximum of 500 credits.

Note: Highest range will end with Maximum. You can set multiple cart ranges in this rule. 

Once you have filled in all the input fields set up an option for customers to spend credit on orders.

  1. Select Where you want the customers to apply credits. Refer to the following image.

You can display the spent credit dropdown in two ways:

i. On cart page

ii. On checkout page (Only for Shopify plus)

  1.  After selecting an appropriate option, go to the right-side panel & make sure to click on ‘Active’ to enable spending rules.

On selecting ‘Inactive’ option customers can earn credits but will not be able to spend them.

To enable mail/push notifications for this activity set up notifications from the Notifications page in the Flits admin.

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