This article provides insights into the advantages of Flits-Ginesys Integration, allowing merchants to offer an option to earn and use store credit(rewards points) on both online and offline stores.

Note: This integration is available for Flits Enterprise Plan users only. 


We developed a solution to integrate Ginesys POS with Flits rewardsto offer an ability for customers to earn and spend store credits both online and in physical stores. Through this integration, customers can now earn and spend store credits seamlessly across online and physical stores. 

Clients like Cotton world which operates 30 physical stores, Louis Stich etc are already taking advantage of this global solution.

How can customers spend credits on physical stores?

  • For offline stores, the customer needs to follow the steps mentioned below

    • Share mobile number with the store executive

    • Share the OTP received on the given mobile number

    • Based on the spent rules credit will be deducted from the customer's store credit balance

[ Example of redeem points screen on Ginesys POS ]

How can customers spend credits on online store?

  • For online stores, credits can be spent using a spend credit drop-down added to the cart or the checkout page. Click here to learn more about how customers can spend credit on an online store.

[ Example of Spent credit on checkout page ]

Where can customers view their credit activities?

  • Customers can view credits earned or spent on their stores using the Customer account page > credit activity log.

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