This article will cover how customers can spend their earned credits on an order

Purpose of adding spending credit option

Spending credit options provide customers with the opportunity to utilise the credits they've earned, showcasing their loyalty to your store through their purchases. Setting up multiple credit ranges encourages customers to increase their cart size, leading to higher sales. It also allows the store to limit usage of credits. 

How can customers spend credit on an order?

  1. Customers can spend credits on order in two ways:

    1. From checkout page (Only for Shopify Plus stores)

    2. From cart page

           Click here to learn about setting up credit spend drop-down.

  1. The customer will be able to see the spending credit drop-down on the selected options and can spend credits on orders based on spending rules set up in that store.

    1. Spending option on Checkout page (activate using checkout extension)

    2. Spending option on Cart page

  1. Customers simply need to select the credit available in the drop-down and click on the checkout or apply button to apply credit to that order.

  1. Customers can see applied credit as a discount in the order summary section of the checkout page.

Note: We can help you set up the apply credit process in auto-apply mode. This means customers need not to select credit from the Spent Credit dropdown, the credit will be auto-applied on order. To request this update contact our support team at 

If you have issues or other requirements related to this feature please connect with us via mail