Flits allows merchants to expire unused credit balances once a year. This helps merchants to clear unused credits and also nudges customers to utilize their leftover credits before they expire. 

Setting up yearly credit expiration

Step 1. In Flits admin go to Premium tools >> Store credits >> Click Set up>> Scroll down to Yearly expiration

Step 2. Click on add expiry dates. This step will open the rule setup page. 

Step 3. Click the box under Expire credits duration (start date - end date).

Select start date and end date in the calendar. 

Example If you wish to expire credits earned between 12th September 2022 to 15 July 2023 then select these two dates. 
Step 4. Add credit expiry date- The date on which you wish to expire unused credits of all customers.

Step 5. Look at the right side panel and Click on ‘Active’ to start the process. If you are unsure about executing the expiry of credits you can keep it in inactive state

Notification options at the bottom need to be first set up from the Notifications sectionRead about it here hereYou can inform customers via mail/push notifications about expiry of credits beforehand and after the expiration has taken place. 

If you wish to take assistance of our customer support team to execute this process feel free to contact