This article is divided into two parts and will illustrate how to create a custom application for Facebook login.

  1.  How to create a custom Facebook Application?

  2. How to use Facebook Application settings to provide a Facebook Social Login option?


It is mandatory to update the URL in your custom Facebook Application (Flits Support Team)

Merchants who have installed Flits on or before 16 Jun 2021, have to add the User Data Deletion URL in their Facebook Application. Kindly follow steps 8 & 13 to update your Facebook Application. Click to read Facebook social login app privacy policy.

How to create a custom Facebook Application?

Note: Approve your custom application from Facebook to use it for Social Login.

Follow the steps below to set up the Facebook private app

  1.  Log in to using your login credentials.

If you are new to Facebook Application. Follow the instructions and images attached below

i) Click on Get Started label from the top right navigation menu and complete the registration process.

ii) Complete the registration process by filling up the necessary details. 

iii) Click Create First App to create your first-ever Facebook Application.

iv). On clicking the Create App button, you will be redirected to the Facebook create application page. 

See the image below.

  1.  If you have already created an app before, click the My Apps label on the top left corner. You will be redirected to your Facebook Application Dashboard. Below is a sample of how your Facebook App Dashboard looks like.

2.1 To use the Facebook Application in the Social Login option of Flits. You need to add the Facebook Login product to your Facebook app.

2.2  Choose a platform to implement Facebook Login to it. To use the web platform click on the Web and you will be redirected to the QuickStart page.

2.3 Add your website URL and click on the Save button to store details. This will allow Facebook to log in to your website. 

2.4 From Flits App Admin copy the redirect URL given in the Facebook Settings of the Social Login Settings page Paste it to the OAuth Settings section of the Facebook Application.

Redirect URL can be accessed using this path: > Settings > Social Login Settings > Facebook Settings > Redirect URL

Note: Merchants who have already created a Private App before 16 Jun 2021 have to add a User Data Deletion URL in the Facebook Application. Follow Step 13 to get the User Data Deletion URL.

2.5  From Flits App Admin copy the User Data Deletion URL given in the Facebook Settings of Social Login Settings page Paste it to the User Data Deletion section of the Facebook Application.

User Data Deletion URL can be accessed using this path: > Settings > Social Login Settings > Facebook Settings > User Data Deletion URL

2.6 In the Basic Settings section under the Settings menu you will find your App ID and App Secret. 

2.7 Open the Advanced Settings section under the Settings from the left side navigation menu. On this page, you will find your App Version.

2.8 Click the Save Changes button after performing the necessary changes.

How to use a custom Facebook Application in Flits Social Login?

For this integration, you will need an App ID, App Secret, App version, and a Redirect and User Data Deletion URL. Follow the steps as explained below.

  1. Open the Shopify Admin, from the app section select Flits, and from the dropdown under Flits select Premium tools.

  1. Click on the Social Login  Setup on the Premium tools page.

  1. Click "Activate button" to enable Facebook Login.

  1. In the Facebook section - Check the box Set up the private app and add App ID, App Secret, and App Version copied from your Facebook Application's settings.

 Click on the Save button to save your changes.

You can now use your custom "Facebook Application Login" on your store.

For any help with setting up private app contact