This article will provide comprehensive information on how customer data is handled through Flits' Facebook social login feature.

The following will give you a brief idea of the frequently asked questions regarding Facebook's privacy policy w.r.t. Flits social login

  1. Why Facebook social login?

Facebook social login is utilized to provide a convenient one-click login experience. Customers can swiftly log in using their existing social login account, bypassing the need to complete lengthy registration forms.

  1. What do we do when a customer logs in to a Shopify store using a Facebook social login?

When a customer logs into a store, the following actions are taken to register and authenticate them-

  • When a customer logs in to the store, their email address and name are forwarded to Shopify, as they are in the process of creating an account on the Shopify website.

  • During the first login, a new password is generated to ensure secure access for the customer.

Note:- Please be informed that we do not store login passwords of Facebook accounts.

  1. Why do we process the data?

To keep a count of customers logged in using Flits Facebook social login.

  1. How can customers request the deletion of data?

In Shopify, customers are not provided with a direct option to delete their data. Therefore, to have their data removed from the store, customers need to request the store owner for it as Flits is a third-party application on the Shopify app store.

To initiate a data deletion request, you are required to follow these steps:

  1. Remove access to the Flits Facebook social login application from their Facebook   account.

               - Log in to your Facebook account

  - Click account thumbnail on the top right corner

  - Open settings and privacy

  - Open apps and websites and follow the below images to confirm Flits social login  app named ‘ Shop social login ‘ access from your Facebook account.

  1. Click on the Remove button to remove the shop Social login Facebook Application Access from your account. Please refer to the below image:

  1. Contact the store owner and request the removal of their data from the Shopify store.

As part of our commitment to GDPR compliance, we(Flits), as application developers, do not retain any customer data once the store owner removes the Flits application from their Shopify store.

However, it is important to note that uninstalling the Flits application does not automatically erase customer information associated with accounts created using the Facebook social login feature in the Shopify store. Customer details, including email addresses, names, orders, and shipping information, etc will still remain in the Shopify store. This is because Shopify does not permit the direct deletion of customer records who have placed orders. Therefore, customers must contact the store owner directly to permanently delete their information from that particular Shopify store.

For any further queries regarding data storage and deletion please contact