The Flits social login feature allows users to sign in or register on a website using existing social media accounts such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, etc., rather than creating a new account separately. This simplifies the login process and enhances user convenience by eliminating the need for additional account creation steps. Hence offering a one-click login through their social media accounts.

Note: Social login premium tool should be purchased.

Steps to set up the Social login buttons on your store

  1. To set up the Social login feature, go to Premium Tools > Social Login > Setup.

  1. Activate the preferred social login platforms you wish to use for logging into the store.

Below is the image attached for the Facebook social login section.

  1. Enable Google, Twitter and Amazon social login buttons as per your store’s requirement. You can set up private apps for FacebookGoogle, Twitter, and Amazon  by selecting the Set up private app checkbox.

  2. To use the Social login program, activate the social login status button.

Image of the social login buttons on the register page is attached for better understanding.

For any help with social login feel free to contact us via mail at