This article will outline the steps for testing the customer account page before making it visible on your live store. Before diving into the process, it's important to understand why duplicating a theme is necessary.


Duplicating a theme on Shopify before publishing it to your live store is a good practice. It lets you preview and test the theme's appearance and functionality without affecting your live store. This way, you can ensure that everything looks and works as expected before making the theme live for your customers.

Steps to add a duplicate theme to the Shopify store

  1. Open Shopify Store > Online Store > Themes.

  1. On clicking Themes, you can view all the downloaded themes of the Shopify store.

  1. To duplicate a theme, Select theme > Click actions button > Duplicate.

Note: The duplicate theme name always starts with the word 'Copy of' which lets you understand that this is a copy of a theme.

  1. Install code to the duplicate theme to test the theme's appearance and functionality. For guidance on installation of code please refer to the article - How to set up Customer Account Page

  1. Once the code is installed, you can preview the duplicate theme in Shopify > Themes > 
    actions button […]
     > Preview option (as the image attached)

For any queries please regarding customer account page setup in your desired theme contact