The Customer account page serves as a personalized hub for your customers, granting them easy access to their account information, order history, re-order button, etc. to enhance their shopping experience and manage their interactions with your store.

Steps to set up the Customer account page

Preview is of mobile, you can click on desktop/tablet icon to view other formats

  1. To set up the Customer account page, go to Customer account page > Customer account page setup.

  1. The Customer account page setup section has 4 Steps:
    - Theme selection
    Account page template selection
    - Color schema Setup
    - Embed app in theme

    We will look into these steps one by one.

      Note: In the first step, you’ll see a list of all the available Shopify themes.

    2.1 Theme selection - Select theme of your choice and click 'Next' button to proceed to Step-2

2.2  Account page template selection- In this step, you have the option to pick the template that suits your preferences. Currently, we provide two templates: Uno and Duo.

  • Preview is displaying all sections with all plans and premium tools for your convenience. All data displayed is dummy.

  • You can also access a device-specific preview to see how the customer account page template appears on different devices.

  • Your customer account page will go live as per the plan and add-ons you bought.

Ex.- If you did not buy Store credit premium tool, your customers will not see the sections related to it on the customer account page.

2.3 Color schema setup- You can configure the color scheme to match your brand's colors and these changes will be reflected in the preview section. To apply your selected color scheme to selected theme, simply click the 'Apply' button.


  1. Embed app in theme - Once color changes are applied to theme, you will be redirected to this step. Click embed app in theme and save settings to add customer account page to your theme.
    Note: This step is mandatory to add customer account page and all its feature to your website.

To view your applied changes login to your website and go to the customer account page.

For any queries regarding customer account set up please contact