This article will explain the steps involved in changing the account page template for your customer account page.

Steps to change Customer Account Page template

Gif displaying template selection and changes in store front (Uno template)

  1. To set up an account page template, go to Customer account page > Customer account page setup.
  2. Select a theme in which you wish to add a new template or modify the existing template.
  3. Click the 'Next' button to proceed to Step-2 Template selection, where you can choose either the Uno or Duo template. Use device icons available on top panel to switch between device previews. 

    Here it is important to note that, 
    preview is a mock representation of enterprise plan including all four premium toolsYour customer account page will go live as per the plan and premium tools you opt for. Ex.- If you did not buy Store credit premium tool, your customers will not see the sections related to the store credit premium tool.

    Note: If the user skips template selection and proceeds to Step-3, the default template will be set to Uno.
  4. Click the 'Next' button to proceed to Step-3 for setting up the color schema, you can skip it if you don't wish to make any changes in color scheme.
  5. Click on 'Apply' to save changes.

Please refer to the article How to set up theme brand color for customer account page for configuring colour schema in the customer account page.

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