This article will explain the steps involved in setting the color schema for your customer account page

Steps to set up Customer Account Page Color Schema

Gif displaying color selection and changes in store front (Uno template)

  1. To set up Color Schema, go to Customer account page > Customer account page setup.

  1. Select a theme and template that suits your preference. Please refer to the article How to setup Customer Account Page for configuring your theme and template.

  1. Click 'Next' button, to go to Step- 3, Color schema section. You have the flexibility to personalize the color of navigation, content and button that suits your preferences.

The 'Apply' button saves any modifications made, and the 'Reset to Default' button reverts the changes to their original settings.

                     Tip: You can select color schema from either of the two locations

i) Click actions button [ ... ] on the right side of the selected theme name. Now, select setup color schema.

ii) Select Setup color schema available on the step progress bar in the customer account page card.

For any queries regarding the set up please contact