The Flits Customer Account Page is a versatile tool that streamlines the shopping experience. This centralized dashboard simplifies customer experience by offering a user-friendly and convenient way to manage their activities.

Note: Features of the customer account page will depend on the Plan and premium tools purchases. 

Purpose of customer account page 

The Flits Customer Account Page consolidates all your customer information in a single location - including profiles, store credits, wishlist, reorder options, recently viewed products and delivery addresses. It provides insights into your customers' preferences, repeat purchases, product exploration, and their interactions with your store.

Let’s have a look at the Flits customer account page features in detail

  • Profile- The profile section provides customer details (First Name, Last Name, Email, Contact No, Birthdate, Gender) and user can add, edit or save the details.

  • Delivery address- The Delivery Address section provides delivery addresses added by the customer. Customers can add a new address and edit, update or remove an existing address.

  • My orders- My Orders section provides an order summary (ordered products with quantity, billing details, shipping details, applied discounts)

  • View order- displays order summary.

  • Contact us- contact the store owner by filling out the Contact Us form for their order-related query.

  • Re-order- Adds the same products and quantity to the cart.

  • Recently viewed- All the products viewed recently by the customers are visible in this section.

  • Change password- Customers can change their profile password using the Change password section.

  • Top-ordered products (Advanced order filter premium tool)- This section displays a list of items that customers have previously purchased.

  • My credits (comes under Store credit)- My Credit section contains a list of all credit activities such as Earned Credits, Spent Credits, and Expired Credits.

  • How to manage credits (comes under Store credit)How to manage credits section contains a list of earning rules in How to earn section and spent rules in How to spend section.

  • Refer friend (Store credit premium tool)-  Refer Friend section allows the customer to use Flits Referral Module. Using this section customers can share referral link, and view referral activity.

  • Wishlist (Wishlist premium tool)- Wishlist section contains a product list - which is added to wishlist by the customer.

Flits offers two templates, Uno and Duo, and the image below showcases the visibility of the Duo template.

Take a glance at the Flits customer account page to see how your online store's visibility is enhanced with all the premium features, providing a clear and comprehensive view.

Note:- For setting up the customer account page please refer to the article How to set up Customer Account Page.

For any queries regarding templates please contact