Recognize and value your genuine and loyal customers by utilising the Bonus Credit feature.

Note: Bonus Credit feature is available for Enterprise Plan users only.

  1. To set up the Bonus credit rule, go to Customers > Bonus Credit button on Top right 

  1. Click Credit Adjustment section and fill in all the mandatory details based on the selection of credit conditions i.e. Spent credit, Placed order, Spent amount and Has a tag.

Add Credit amount, Days for credit expiry and required Comment.

Note: If you want to notify your customers about the Bonus credit, please click on the notification checkbox. Notification set up is mandatory to complete this action.

  1. Once details are set up, clicking the "Apply" button will provide you with a list of customers who meet the selected conditions with the total number of customers in the top left corner.

Verify the list and start giving bonus credit to the filtered customers by clicking the Start Process button.

  1. You will receive an email once the bonus credit adjustment process is completed successfully. 

Please note that, we will use the email address added to the profile section of Shopify store admin > settings > Store details, to notify store owners about process completion.

  1. Click on Last Activities, to check your past bonus credit activities.

For any queries regarding this feature please contact