To reverse the credit that was earned or spent on a cancelled order, utilise the Credit adjustment feature, which is specifically designed for managing cancelled orders. This feature enables you to efficiently supervise and modify the credit related to order cancellations, ensuring precise tracking and compensation.

This credit rule is available for Enterprise plan users only.

Steps to adjust credits on order cancellation

  1. To set up the Credit adjustment on cancelled orders, go to Premium Tools > Store credit> Set up> Scroll down to Credit adjustment on cancelled orders section.

  1. In this section, you can select the activity for which you wish to adjust credit, as outlined below, to suit your requirements:

Earned credit adjustment: This option will deduct the credits earned on that order from customer credit balance.

  • Earned credit adjustment works on the following earning rules:
    • Credit on order
    • Credit on specific product
    • Credit after Referral's X no of order
    • Referral's spent total amount

Spent credit adjustment: This option will refund the credits spent on that order to the customer credit balance.

  • Spent credit adjustment works on the spending rule.

It is important to note that credit will be adjusted for a fully cancelled order only. Credit will not be adjusted to a partially refunded order.

For any issues regarding credit adjustment after order cancellations contact