The order status page or thank you page often receives less attention in the order journey. Both guest and registered customers pass through this gateway during each order cycle, making it one of the most viewed and essential areas. Utilising this section can significantly attract more organic traffic to your store. 

Flits has provided a solution by introducing the feature of sharing order credit details on the thank you page. This allows customers to review the rewards earned for that specific order, thereby encouraging repeat purchases and motivating guests to register and use their credits for future purchases.

Thank you page feature is available on the Enterprise Plan and is limited to Shopify plus users only.

Steps to activate Store credit on the Thank you page

  1. To set up the Thank you page, go to Premium Tools > Store credits > Set up > Scroll down to Credit balance on the thank you page

Important Notes:

  • All Shopify plus users must migrate to the Thank you page extension to display Flits Thank you page block.
  • Shopify plus users who are already using Thank you page on their stores must update app scope from Flits admin.


  1. Activate credit balance on thank you page button and add thank you page extension to your store to display Flits store credit block on Thank you page. 

    Click here to learn about Adding a thank you page extension to your store.

  1. Once the feature is activated, credit details will appear on the Thank You page based on available credit balance and order credit earning rules. 

To show credit details on Thank you page we are using the following credit earning rules:

  • Place order

  • Specific product purchase

If a customer earns credit using both rules, consider the following image to understand how credit details will be added to the thank you page.

For doubts regarding display of credits on the Thank you page please contact