This article will cover details about what is included in Flits analytics and how it is calculated.

Which features are covered in analytics?

The analytics cover the customer account page's re-order, recently viewed products and Premium tools Store credit, Wishlist, and Advance order filter.

Who can access Flits analytics?

All plan users can access analytics based on their plan and premium tool selection.

  • Basic Plan users can view the last 30 days' analytics.
  • Business and Enterprise plan users can access complete analytics.

Introduction to the analytics page

  1. Go to the Flits admin > Analytics page from the left side navigation.

  2. On the analytics page, you can view the customer account page graph with a default view of the last 30 days.
    • Use Date filter to get analytics for the selected date range. Note: For basic plan users only the last 30 days option is accessible.

    • Use Feature drop-down to switch data visualization.

  3. Depending on the feature selection analytics of various events like total clicks, total orders, total sales etc are displayed. Below is the data visualization of Flits features.

    It is important to note that, the ideal time to reflect data in graphs is a minimum 1hr.

    Note: Request data export at

Customer account page

Store credit

Wishlist button 

Advance order filter

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