Steps to set up Gmail/GSuite for mail notifications

1. Open Flits app admin.

2. Go to Notifications > Mail notifications settings > Mail domain -set up

3. Select Gmail/GSuite settings from the Choose Your Mail Settings section

4. Click on Integrate with Gmail/GSuite

After clicking on the Integrate with Gmail/G Suite button, you need to enter credentials for the Gmail account which you would like to use to send email notifications. Kindly refer to the below image.

5. Allow Flits the permission to send email notifications on your behalf. Kindly refer to the below images. 

6. After allowing permission, you will be redirected to the Mail Settings page and the email which you have integrated to send email notifications will be displayed in the Gmail/ G Suite section as per the below image.

Note: You can change the integrated email address any time from this section. To change the integrated email you need to follow the above steps.

7. Click on the Save button on the top right corner of the page, to apply changes.

After successful integration email notifications will be sent on your behalf. You can review the sent emails from the Sent folder of your Gmail account. 


For any issues with set up contact us via mail at