Steps to set up SparkPost platform for notification

1. Open Flits app admin.

2. Go to Notifications > Mail notifications settings > Mail domain -set up

3. Select SparkPost settings from the Choose Your Mail Settings section.

4. Follow image given below to feed the required details for SparkPost settings.

Click on Save after you have entered the details. 

How to get SparkPost API Key?

Step 1: Log in to your SparkPost account.

Step 2: Click on API Keys from the left side navigation menu. You will be able to see Create an API Key page.

Step 3: Click on the Create API Key button, to create a new API Key.

Step 4: Name your API Key by entering text in API Key Name textbox.

Step 5: Allow the following three permissions from the API Permissions section. You can choose permissions according to your preferences.

  1. Account: Read
  2. Recipient Lists: Read/Write
  3. Suppression Lists: Read/Write

Step 6: Leave the Allowed IPs textbox blank. Click on the Add API Key button to generate API Key.

Step 7: Click on Copy button to copy the API key and paste it to the Secret textbox of Choose Your Mail section on the Mail Settings page.

Note: Account verification is required before sending mail notifications. 

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