After reviewing the strategy of many of our clients we have observed that most clients use setups similar to each other. This article will walk you through that set up you can use for your referral reward program.

Ideal framework of a referral program

  • Set inviter credit 0
  • Set 'X' credits for receiver so they are motivated to sign up using the referral.
  • Set 'X' credits for inviter based on the order placed by receiver. This ensures that the referred user makes a purchase after using the referral link.  

Set inviter credit as 0, switch on facebook/Whatsapp sharing for easy referrals

Set 'X' credits for receiver. 

Set 'X' credits for inviter based on the first order placed by receiver. 

In the below inviter will receive credits only on the first order. They will not receive any credit for rest orders as it is set to 0. 
You can also set credit on receiver's order number 1 and rest orders. Inviter will get credits on every order placed by the receiver. 

Adding a limit will ensure that customers don't earn unlimited credits on referrals.

The above set up will ensure that customers don't misuse the referral program and earn only when the referral receiver places an order. However you do need to motivate the referral receiver to sign-up by giving them a credit reward.

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