This article will walk you through the steps of rewarding your customers with store credits on their order fulfillment using Flits-Shopify Flow integration.

Question from Merchants:

Credits on order after fulfillment

We are requested by 35+ Shopify Plus merchants to implement such functionality.

As a result of that Flits has come up with Credit on Order fulfillment. We have implemented a workflow that will generate credit while your customer's order is completely fulfilled.

Eligibility to use this feature-

  • Merchants must have a Shopify Plus or Shopify Gold Plan

  • Shopify Flow application is installed on your store (It is completely free. Download it from

  • Subscription of Flits Enterprise Plan + Store Credit add-on

Following are the steps to configure the option-

1. Generate a support request on to use the Order on Fulfillment feature.

2. In response to your request, our customer support executive will request for your store access.

3. Once the merchant grants store access our technical team executive will create a Shopify Flow for Credit on Order fulfillment on your store.

4. After successful Flow creation, our executive will deliver you the Flow and will explain how you can use the Flow.

5. Open Shopify Flow from the Apps section of the Shopify Store admin.

6. Click on the Flow name provided by the Flits support executive. By clicking on the Edit Workflow button you can see a Flow created by the technical team member.

7. Click on the resulting action namely Credit adjustment on order fulfillment, to access the action Properties. To set up action properties refer below image.

Your customer will receive Fixed or Percentage credit as the amount mentioned in the Credit textbox.

Exp: If the Order amount is $150, the Credit mentioned is 10

        You will receive $10 as a fixed credit or $15 as a percentage credit. [ $150*10%= $15 ]

8. After setting up Credit on fulfillment flow, click on the Save button on the top right corner. Turn On the workflow to activate it.

Once the workflow meets expected requirements the action will trigger and your customer will receive said credit on Order fulfillment.

For Shopify Flow setup queries feel free to contact support via mail at -