This guide will assist you in integrating Loox with Flits (Store Credit for Product Reviews) to reward your customers with store credit for their valuable product reviews.

Note: This integration is exclusively available for Flits Business & Enterprise Plan users.

Steps to integrate Loox with Flits

1. Navigate to the Integration section in Flits Admin using the left-side navigation menu.

2. Locate Loox Customer Reviews and click on Activate.

If you haven’t installed the Loox app

 You will be redirected to the Loox Customer Reviews app on Shopify.

  1. If you have already installed Loox

  2. Click on ‘Connect’ to establish integration.

Enabling Flits Integration within the Loox App

Upon redirection, enable Flits integration within the Integration section (Settings > Integrations > Locate Flits > Activate Integration) of the Loox Customer Reviews app.

Confirmation of Successful Integration

Upon successful integration, a confirmation message will be displayed in the Integration section of Loox Customer Reviews.

Steps to follow to reward customers with Product Review credit

After activation and connection with Loox Customer Reviews app, proceed to set up Product Review credit for customer rewards. 

Click on Premium tools > Store credits > Set up > Add ways to earn/Add reward rules > Click on Product review

Set earning value, credit limitations and time limitations to control the reward amount and duration.

Credit limits and Time limits

For example, set Credit Limitation to $200 and Time Limitation to 7 days, ensuring customers receive no more than $200 in credit for a product review within a week.

Click on the Save button to apply the changes.

How do customers view their earned credit from product reviews?

Customers can view their earned credit in the Store Credit section of their Customer Account Page.

What should I do if issues arise during or after the integration?

In case of problems, reach out to the support teams of both Flits and the Loox Customer Reviews app for quick problem-solving. Integration is a dependent process, so ensure that each step is correctly followed.

For issues related to Flits admin or Product review credit setup, please contact Flits support via mail at