This guide helps you walk through the step for sending mail notifications through Klaviyo to your customers for credit activities 

Note: This integration is available for Enterprise Plan users only. 

Grant Flits access to add Flits Flow in your Klaviyo account

  1. In Klaviyo Admin panel Go to Settings > Users > Add new user

  2. Set email: 
    Set User Role: Manager
    This will send a user-invite on the above-mentioned email address

For more details on User Roles:   

After the successful addition of a new user, you will be allowed to access Flows of Flits Credit program

To set up Flits Flow in Klaviyo you will need to contact our client success team via mail at

This is how Flow setups will look like in Klaviyo’s Flow page

Flow diagram

Note: This is a highly technical process so we recommend that you seek assistance from our support team to execute and set up mail trigger flow. 

Sample of Klaviyo mail notification for Credit Activity

What should I do if issues arise during or after the integration?

In case of problems, reach out to the support teams of both Flits and Kalviyo app for quick problem-solving. Integration is a dependent process, so ensure that each step is correctly followed.

Note: If you need any assistance, feel free to reach out via email at