At Flits, we prioritize the privacy and rights of our users and their customers. To ensure GDPR compliance, we have carefully examined and updated our internal systems, processes, databases, and documentation.

All users of Flits are encouraged to seek guidance from their legal advisors to fully comprehend the extent of their compliance responsibilities under GDPR. In general, if you operate a store within the European Union or have customers residing in the European Union, GDPR compliance is necessary.

Using Flits and GDPR

Flits function as a Data Processor, meaning we handle the data that you collect on your store, both Personal Data and Non-Personal Data. When crafting or amending your privacy policy, it is imperative to disclose that your customers' data is shared with Flits for the purposes of the rewards program, including specifying the data being collected. Detailed information about the data we collect can be found in Flits' privacy policy.

Data access 

We access all data through  Shopify API

Data storage

All data is stored on AWS servers since the day you install our app. 

Data Removal with Flits

Flits removes all the data within 48 hours right after uninstallation of the application. 

For more information, you can read our privacy policy here. 

This is not a legal document, please refer to your legal team to understand the GDPR policy properly. For any doubts regarding data stored/accessed by Flits get in touch with us via mail -