We value the hard-earned money spent by our merchants to avail of the features of our app. We also understand that merchants not only invest their time and money but also their trust in us, which is why we make it our priority to uphold that trust. 

This article will cover our refund policy. 

Amount calculation of last 30 days

You will get the last invoice’s amount as a refund. 

Note: If any invoice is generated after the refund process (as we are following the Shopify billing API) feel free to contact us via mail

Getting a refund

To get a refund you will need to raise a request by contacting our support team via

Cases for amount refund

  • The app is useful for my business but I am facing some financial constraints

In this case, you can request a refund of the last invoice and continue using our app 

  • The app is not useful for my business

In this case, you can request us for a refund of the last invoice, if you happen to continue using our app post refund Shopify will generate an invoice for the next month. Please make sure to uninstall our app in this case to avoid generating a new invoice. 

We do not take any hidden charges or extra fees. 

Please note that billing depends on Shopify’s billing cycle, if the invoice is generated after your refund request you can contact our support team via for assistance.