Our billing flow is an easy two-step process. The first step is mandatory and the second step is optional. Billing has been designed to make it easy for merchants to understand the flow at a glance

Step 1: Select a plan

Up to 1000 customers- Basic plan

Upto 5000-10000-25000 customers - Business plan (tier-1,2,3)

Upto 100000 customers - Enterprise plan

More than 100000- Contact support (Support@getflits.com)

Plans below your customer count will not be available to avoid confusion during selection. 

You can select a plan above your customer count if you require it. 

Step 2: Select any/all premium tools

Once you have selected a plan you can pick and add any premium tool you require. 

You can click ‘add’ to include the premium tools (Store credits, Wishlist, Social Login, Advanced order history) under the selected plan.

Pricing of these tools will depend on the plan selected. 

If you have selected the Business plan, then premium tools of the Business plan will be available to you.

Click on ‘Features’ to see what is included in the premium tool along with a comparison of plans. 

Please see the screenshot below to understand the billing flow. (In images: Enterprise plan with premium tools)

You can see the entire billing summary on the right side of the screen. 

Click on ‘Start your free trial’ /‘Pay’ to complete the plan and premium tool selection. 

‘Approve’ the payment to start using the features 

We give a 30-day free trial for all plans and premium tools, feel free to select any plan (depending on customer count) and explore all premium tools.  

If you have more than 100000 customers we will be happy to assist you with a custom billing plan. Feel free to contact us via mail- support@getflits.com