This article is about pricing and plans based on customers (Shopify customers) count.

Plans based on customers (Shopify customers) count

Flits plans are based on customers (Shopify customers) count.


Note: You cannot select a plan below your customers (Shopify customers) count.

Till 1000 customers (Shopify customers)- Basic plan

Till 5000 customers (Shopify customers)- Business plan (1st tier)

Till 10000 customers (Shopify customers) - Business plan (2nd tier)

Till 100,000 customers (Shopify customers)- Enterprise plan

Above 100,000 customers (Shopify customers) - Custom plan. Contact to discuss requirements and pricing.

Premium tool pricing

Premium tool prices will be based on the plan selected as per customers (Shopify customers) count. 

If you wish to use the features of a higher plan’s premium tool you will have to upgrade the billing as per that plan. 

For any queries and confusion regarding customer count or to discuss plan requirements, please contact us via mail-