The Wishlist feature allows your customers to bookmark their favorite products for future purchases, making it convenient to revisit and buy them later.

Note: To use Wishlist you need to purchase the Wishlist premium tool

You can display the wishlist button in two different places.

  • Products page

  • Collections page

You can also set the Wishlist heart icon and text color per your theme's color schema.

Steps to set up Wishlist icon on the Products / Collections page

  1. To set up the Wishlist icon, go to Premium Tools > Wishlist > Set up

  1. After landing on the wishlist settings page, you will find three options on the wishlist settings card to customise the wishlist icon on Product page.

     i) Type of wishlist icon- Heart and Heart icons with text.

Set the icon appearance based on the theme colour combination.

  Heart icon   

  Heart icon with text 

ii) Colour before adding to the wishlist- heart, text, button, border.



    iii) Colour after adding to wishlist- heart, text, button, border. (Colors for representation only)



Note:- By default the wishlist icon is visible on the Product page.

  1. Set the wishlist button location from the two options below-


  - Automatic ( default )

  - Manual

Automatic ( default )- This option will place the wishlist icon on the Product page below the ‘Buy it now’ button.

Manual-  This option will place the wishlist icon on your desired location on the Product Page.

Note: Wishlist icon on Collections page is enabled on request. Kindly contact for any queries.

  1. The "Display wishlisted product count" option will showcase the number of customers who have added a particular product to their wishlist. Wishlist count will increase when the product is added to Wishlist by multiple users. You can enable/disable this option as per your requirement.

Count is displayed beside the ‘ Add to Wishlist ‘ button.

  1. To apply the changes click on the ‘ Save ‘ button.

  2.  Activate this feature to view the Wishlist section on the customer account page and wishlist icon on products/collections page.

For any further help with setting up wishlist contact