Custom fields allow merchants to seek extra information from customers via text, numerics, alphanumeric, documents, etc. A custom field is an additional input field that can be added to the registration page or customer account page.

Note: This feature is available for Business and Enterprise users only.

  • Business plan users can add 2 custom fields
  • Enterprise plan users can add 5 custom fields

Steps to set up Custom fields

Follow GIF to learn how custom fields are set up 
and how it will look on the customer account page

  1. To set up the Custom fields, go to Customer account page > Custom fields > click Set up button.

  1. Click the 'Add Custom Field' button, to view various options such as Text, Numeric, Alphanumeric, Multiline Text, Date Picker, Time Picker, and File Upload (Enabled on request).

  1. Select a custom field of your choice and fill in all the mandatory fields. Activate the custom field and save the changes to display it on the registration page and/or in the 'My Profile' section of the customer account page.
    Note: The unique ID of custom field cannot be edited once saved.

  2. List of all added custom fields is available on the Custom Fields settings page. From here you can add, edit, activate a field and review deleted field history.
    Here, it is important to note that, data of a deleted field will be kept on our end for 15 days. You can request this data in this duration. After 15 days records will be removed automatically.

  3. Please find the attached image illustrating the visibility of custom fields on both the register/sign-up page and the customer account page.
    Custom fields on the register page
    Custom fields on the My Profile section of customer account page

For any further help in setting up custom fields please contact