Using the 'Link Store Page' section, you can display store pages like Return Product Policy, Contact Us, and Support Policy on your Customer Account Page.

Note: The number of pages added to the customer account page is dependent on your billing plan. 

  • Basic plan users can display 1 page
  • Business plan users can display 3 pages
  • Enterprise plan users can display 5 pages

Steps to link your store’s page and display it on your customer account page

Follow GIF to learn how to set up a link for your store's page 

and how it will look on the customer account page

  1. Go to Customer account page > Link store page > Set up button.
  2. Set up button will open 'Link store settings' page. Now, click the 'Add Page' button to add a new page. 
  3. After clicking the 'Add Page' button, a window will open where you can either choose an existing page or add a custom page using the 'Add Custom Page' button. 
    • To include an existing page, select the page and click the "Add Page" button.
    • To create a custom page, choose the "Custom Page" option from the drop-down menu, provide a page title and URL, and then click the "Add Page" button.
  4. Once pages are added, the page Link store pages list store pages that you have added to display on your Customer Account Page.
    Note:- You can choose to modify or remove the pages you've included.

Pages added to the customer account page will appear the same as the following image.

For help with setting up pages in navigation of customer account page feel free to contact us via mail at