In this article we will cover the purpose and steps of setting up referral’s milestone credit.

This feature is available for Business & Enterprise Plan users only.

Purpose of setting up credit on number of referral’s rule

This rule serves as an optimal method to draw more traffic to your store. By implementing various referral milestone credits, the inviter will earn credits upon reaching each milestone i.e. credits on the total number of successful referrals they have invited. Here the term successful referral represents referral customers who’ve created an account using the referral link shared by the inviter.

Steps to set up this referral rule

  1. To set up Credit on number of referrals, go to Premium Tools > Store credit setup > Earning rules.

  1. Click Add ways to earn or Add referral rules and select Credit after ‘X’ no of referrals.

  1. On credit on number of referrals rule page, click the "Add rule" button.

Now, add no. of referrals, credit value and comment to create a new rule.

  1. To implement the changes, simply click on Save from the top right corner.

Note: If you want to configure notifications, please click on any of the notification checkboxes. 

If you have any queries setting up no of referrals rule please contact