The referral program stands out as the most powerful method to introduce increased traffic to your store. The inclusion of referral rewards motivates the invited customer to generate more referrals. Once the recipient customer completes the registration process using the referral invite shared by the invited customer, both the inviter and receiver customers receive rewards based on the credit rules set up.

Referral program can be configured in four different ways

  • Sender/receiver credits

  • Credit after ‘ X ‘ number of referrals

  • Credit on receiver’s orders

  • Credit based on receiver’s total spent

Note: Store credit premium tools under Business or Enterprise plan should be purchased. It is mandatory to enable the Sender credits rule and Receiver credits rule to view the Refer a Friend section.

Let’s learn how referral program works

  • Once referral credit rules and referral program status is activated, customers can see Refer a friend section in the customer account page.

  • Using various sharing options customer can share the referral link to their friend

  • Once the referred customer creates an account using the shared link both the inviter and receiver customer will get rewards as per the credit earning rules.

Referral counts and history along with the earning rules are available in the refer friend section.

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