This article will cover steps and ways to adjust customers' credit balance.

This feature is available for Business & Enterprise Plan users only.


Purpose of Adjust credit

Adjust credit will enable you to reward customers with extra credits, compensate them for any loss, and deduct credits if the situation requires. 

Steps to adjust credits (Admin adjust)

To adjust credits you need to follow the steps below

  1. Go to Customers from left side navigation in Flits admin

  2. Search the customer for whom you wish to adjust credits

  1. Click on the adjust credit option( dollar sign ($) ) in front of the customer’s name.
    Adjust credit popup with input fields will appear.

  1. Use this popup to adjust credit.

  • In credit adjustment - Add the amount of credits you wish to adjust. If you want to deduct (minus) credits add a negative (-) sign in front of the credit amount. 

  • In credit will expire after the following number of days - add the number of days after which the credits will expire. Example, if you add ‘5’ it means the credits will expire after 5 days. If the field is left blank, it will be considered as 0 days and the credits will not have any expiry period.

  • In Why would you like to adjust credit of the customer - you can select a reason for adjusting credits, if you choose “Other reason” another box will appear where you can mention the reason.

  1. Once all the input fields are filled you, click ‘Apply’ to adjust credit.
    Customers' credit balance will increase/decrease as per the credit amount you added/deducted.

Balance increased from 0 to 100 in the image below

You can also find this option in the customer profile. Simply click the view profile, which takes you to the customer profile. In the customer profile locate customer > credit balance > adjust balance.

This step will help you adjust credits of individual customers. If you wish to do this for many customers at once, you can use the Bulk credit option from the Customers page. 

For any help regarding adjusting customer’s balance feel free to contact