Display additional fields like registration number, height, weight, anniversary dates, nationality, etc to the customer's My profile section and sign-up page.

This feature is for Business and Enterprise plan users only.

Let's learn how to set up custom fields on your stores.

Step 1: Open the settings page in the Flits admin from the left navigation.

Step 2: Now, click on the Custom Field Settings options on the settings page.

Step 3: On the Custom Field Settings page, click on the Add Custom Field button to set up a new custom field on your store. 

Step 4: On click of the Custom Field button you can see options like the image below.  You can add custom fields like Text, Numeric, Alphanumeric, Multiline text, Date Picker, Time Picker and File Upload (Enabled on request).

Business plan users can add 2 custom fields and Enterprise plan users can add 5 custom fields to their online store.

Step 5: Click a custom of your choice to open its settings page. Selecting a custom field in the list will get a popup like the image below.

Follow all the mandatory steps and enable the custom field and click on the save button to display on the register page and/or on my profile section of the customer account page.

Please note, custom fields can be set up in English only. 

Step 6: Once a custom field is set up, a list of all added custom fields is available on the custom field settings page like the below image. You can view important custom field details, enable/disable, edit or delete a custom field from this list.

Please note that Unique ID can't be edited.

Step 7: If you click the delete option from the actions, a popup as the below image is displayed and if you confirm the deletion, the custom field will be removed from your online store.

Note: Deleted field records will be kept on our end for 15 days only. You can request the data file within this duration. After 15 days records will be removed automatically.

Step 8: Deleted custom field list can be viewed by clicking the Deleted fields history button. Refer to below images.

Step 9: Added custom fields are displayed like the below image on the register page and on the my profile page of the customer account page.

Custom fields on Register page:

Custom fields on Customer account page:

If you need any help feel free to mail us at support@getflits.com