When store owner installs Flits on their Shopify store, we ask for certain permissions to access their data.

Here is a brief on Why do we ask to access certain data of the Shopify store.

Note to Residents of the European Union

If you are located in a country in the European Union (EU) and utilize our Services which are offered to EU residents, or if we collect, track, use or process in some other way your Personal Information collected from you or through your use of our Website, app or we transfer that personal information, we will do so in accordance with this Privacy Policy, the applicable Website Terms of Use, and in compliance with applicable requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679) (GDPR).

As per Shopify's data policy, we don't collect or save any of your store data when the Flits application is removed from the Shopify store.

1) View Shopify account data

To keep the store owner updated about the latest updates about the Flits application or to share some interesting insights about current community trends or some interesting market reports or stats, we ask for view Shopify account data permission.

Using this we access the Store owner's Shopify store details such as store email address, store phone number, store address etc.

2) Edit customers (This includes: customer data)

To display and modify customer details on the Customer Account Page we ask for edit customers permission.

Using this we access your customer's data such as name, email address, phone number, and physical address.

3) Edit products (This includes: products and collections)

To display products in the Flits Wishlist section we ask for permission to edit products.

Please note that we are not modifying any product related details that are displayed in your online store.

4) Edit orders :

To provide an option to download Invoices on each order's of Shopify store admin and to provide an updated order record in the Flits Invoice feature we ask for edit order permission.

5) Edit your Online Store

To add Flits code on a particular theme of your online store we ask for edit your online store permission.

6) Edit Shopify admin (This includes: files)

To add downloaded invoices to the Files section of Shopify store admin we ask for edit Shopify admin permission.

7) Edit other data (This includes: price rules)

To create a discount code on the Shopify store for the Flits Store credit module we ask for edit other data permission.

Important notes: 

- As we are using Shopify APIs to manage our application feature workflows we ask for the above-mentioned permissions when a store owner install the Flits application.

- We are unable to ask for specific permission whenever the merchant opts for any add-on or remove one. Therefore the required permissions are requested whenever you install the application based on all the features provided by the Flits application.