Step 1: Go to Flits Admin.

Step 2: Open the Settings page. On the settings page, select Customer Account Page Setup.

Step 3: In Step 1, choose a theme in which you would like to add a new template or change the existing template.

If the selected theme is a fresh theme(doesn't contain any Flits template) click on the Next button, you will be redirected to Step 2 - Select Template. Kindly follow the image given below.

If any template is already installed in the theme, you will be redirected to Step 3 - Setup Color Schema. In this case to change the template click on the Back button displayed below the step progress bar.

Please note that,

1. For themes having Customized by Flits Support Team tag, you can't change the account page template if you have requested some code customization regarding the account page by the Flits Support Team or Theme developer.

2. You can't perform any actions on themes having Flits Old Code tag. To update this code you can contact us at

Step 4: On step 2, you can preview various templates and choose a template as per your business need. Kindly follow the below image to learn from where you can change the account page template. Click on the next button to go to step 3.

Note: By default template Uno is selected in step 2.

Step 5: If you would like to change the customer account page colour schema you can change it from Step 3 or else apply the default color schema to your theme. By applying changes your selected account page template will be added to your theme.

Please note that, If you are making any changes like updating template or changing template color schema, you have to Apply changes to a theme in order to preview the changes.

This way you can change the Customer Account Page template.

For any help, contact us at