Alert.. This article is for users who have installed Flits on or after 06 April 2021

Now you can see the preview of the Customer Account Page before going live.

If you have installed the app before 06 April 2021, please contact to access the updated "Customer Account Page Setup" section.

Please follow the below steps to preview & set up the Customer Account Page on your store.

Step 1: Go to Flits Admin.

Step 2: Open the Settings page. On the settings page, select Customer Account Page Setup as per the below image.

Step 2.1: You can also access the " Customer Account Page Setup " section from the left-side navigation as displayed in the below image.

Step 3: You can see Customer Account Page Setup as displayed in the below image. The Account Page Setup section contains 3 Steps (Theme Selection, Account Page Template Selection, Color Schema Setup).

Step 4: Select Theme as per the below image.

Why Theme Selection? You can set up the Customer Account Page in any theme of your choice.  You can set up the Customer Account Page either on any sample theme or duplicate theme first, then you can go for the live theme.

Step 5: In this section, you can select the Customer Account Page template of your choice. Currently, we are offering 2 templates: UNO, DUO.

Preview is displaying all sections with all plans and add-ons for your convenience. All data displayed is dummy. 

Your customer account page will go live as per the plan and add-ons you bought.

Ex.- If you did not buy Store credit add-on, your customers will not see the sections related to the store credit add-on.

Preview of Template Uno

Preview of Template Duo

Step 6: Setup Color Schema as per brand color. You can preview color changes in the right-side container. To apply your selected color schema click on the Apply to Theme button.


On click of Apply to Theme button, you will be able to view one popup same as the below image.

When changes are successfully applied to a selected theme, you will be able to view one confirmation popup as shown below.

Congratulations..!! You can view your Customer Account Page by logging in to the StoreFront(Website).

Explanation of Tags displayed beside theme name:

Once you will install Flits code on your theme, the theme will be tagged as displayed in the below image. Each tag has a different definition.

Tag Name


1. Uno, Duo

Name of the selected template.

2. Live Theme

The theme is Published on Store.

3. Flits Old Code

The theme contains Flits Old Account Page code.

Note: You can't apply any changes to themes having this tag.

4. Customized by Flits Support Team

Flits Support Team has made changes on that theme at your request.

Note: For themes with this tag you can't change the account page template if you have requested some code customization regarding the account page by the Flits Support Team or Theme developer

5. Trial Theme

The theme is a Shopify Trial Theme.

For any help, contact us at