A quick and easy communication gateway is an essential part to build the customer's trust. A trustworthy relationship means repeat customers and repeats customers means a hike in revenue.

Our R&D team has analysed especially on the topic of Merchant-Customer relationship and as a conclusion of their deep analysis we have come up with a feature  will help the Customer to raise their purchase-related queries right from the Customer Account Page.

We have added a new button called "Contact Us" in the My Orders section of Customer Account Page, using this feature customer can easily send their order-related queries to the merchant via email and Merchants can communicate with the customers using that email. This will reduce the communication gap between Merchant and Customer.

Note: Contact Us feature is available on the Business and Enterprise Plans.

In this article, we will learn How to set up & use the Contact Us button.

How to enable the Contact Us button from Flits Admin?

Step 1: Open Flits application admin.

Step 2: Click on the Settings options from the left side navigation menu.

Step 3: From the Settings page, click on the App Settings tab.

Step 4: On the App Settings Page, scroll down to view the Contact Us settings.

Step 5: On the Contact Us section, you will be able to view one enable/disable switch and a Note saying on which email address the customer emails will be sent. Kindly follow the below image.

Turn the "Contact Us button in Order History" switch "On", to display the Contact Us button on the Customer Account Page.

Note: From the App Settings section, you can Turn On or Off the feature any time as per your convenience.

The email address displayed in the Note of Contact Us section is the same email address which you have added in the Store Admin, Settings >> General >> Store Details >> Sender Email. (Kindly follow the below image for more clear reference)

You can change your email address from this section.

Step 6: Click on the Save button to Save Changes.

Step 7: After enabling the switch, your customers are able to view a Contact Us button in the My Orders section of Customer Account Page. Refer to the below image.

Congratulations !! You have successfully enabled the Contact Us button on the Order History.

How customers can send a query using the Contact Us button of Order History?

  • On click of the Contact Us button (as displayed in Step 7), customers will see a Contact Form. The customer has to fill the required information of the form and click on the Submit button to send the form.

Note: We are not offering popup form design templates. We can help you with icons or button CSS changes of this popup form. For more help, you can contact us on support@getflits.com

  • After submitting the email, customers can see an email confirmation popup to acknowledge the customer that their email has been sent successfully. Kindly follow the below images for better comprehension.

  • On the Contact Us button of the relevant order, the customer will also get detail of when they have contacted the merchant. Please note that these messages are device-specific.

How merchants can change the Contact Us button text?

  • You can change contact us button text to "Cancel Order" or "Need Help". By following this path: In your selected theme's Actions (button)>>Edit Languages (option of actions)>>Flits>>Order Contact Us>>Contact us button section, the same way you can change the other field text too.

How store owner can review and respond to a customer email?

  • The store owner will receive the customer emails in the mailbox of the saved in the Store Admin, Settings >> General >> Store Details >> Sender Email section. You can see the email as per the below image.

Note: We can't change this email design and subject of it, as it is generated from the Shopify Store.

  • You can directly reply to the customer through this email. Customer will be notified in the mailbox of their email added in the query form.

For any further help, feel free to contact us on support@getflits.com