Use Flits - Ali Review integration to reward your customers through Store Credit who add value to your store by reviewing products of your stores.

Note: Ali Review integration is for Flits Business & Enterprise Plan users only.

Step 1: Go to Flits Admin.

Step 2: Open Integration section from the left side navigation menu.

Step 3: Turn On the rule switch to activate the Integration. 


Note: If you have not installed the application Ali Review AliExpress Reviews application, click on the " Integration with Ali Reviews " button you will be redirected to

Follow the below image.

Step 4: Go to Ali Reviews app admin and open Integrations section from the left side navigation menuFrom this section, you need to enable Flits integration as displayed in the below image.

Step 5: Once you successfully enabled the integration you will be able to see a message as displayed in the below image.

Please make sure to approve the reviews to receive review credit.

To approve review credits from Ali Review admin you can follow the below image. You can set the Review Conditions as per your requirement.

Note: As per Ali Review Reward Conditions only 5 Star Reviews and only the Registered customers will get Product Review Credit.

If you are new to Ali Review AliExpress Review Application kindly follow link for more information.

Step 6: After enabling the Ali Reviews integration, setup Product Review credit to reward your customers.

Step 7: Open Credit Settings from the Settings section of Flits Admin.

Step 8: Scroll down in Earning Rule section of the Credit Settings page to access Product Review credit. Refer below image.

Tip: Use conditions credit limitations and time limitations provided in the Product Review section to let your customer receive a fixed amount of credit in X no of days.

For example, 

- Set Credit Limitation $200 and Time Limitation 7 day to ensure the customer will receive a maximum $200 credit for a product reviews in a week.

Step 9: Click on Save button to apply changes.

Step 10: When customers give reviews on products of the store, they will receive Review Credit according to the Earning Rule of Product Review section. Customers can view their earned credit from the Store Credit section of Customer Account Page.


Integration is a dependant process. Follow each and every step as mentioned in this article for successful integration. In future, if any issue arises due to this integration you need contact both application's support team for a quick and easy problem-solving.

For any help, contact