We have analysed and researched a lot about the latest e-commerce trends, merchant requirements, the old-school business methodologies, on-going & trending business tactics. 

And as a result of this, we have reached a solution to offer some modules as add-ons rather than explicitly adding those features to the Plans.

We know that each one has a different business strategy, not everyone needs the same features to grow their sales.

Keeping this fact in mind, we have given you a way to choose the add-ons as per your business requirement and this the reason why we have not included add-on price along with the Plan price.

We want to give our merchants the freedom to choose features according to their requirements.

What are the benefits of accessing multiple features in the same application?

  • We want you to choose features that fit your business
  • You don't have to worry about your website speed performance or user experience
  • You don't have to wait if any of your application features are not working as expected, you will get multiple feature support from one team
  • You don't need to hesitate if you have any design suggestions
  • You don't need to worry about code conflict

Paid Add-Ons by Flits : (All the add-ons have plan-specific cost)

  • Store Credit ( Rewards + Referrals )
    • This module will help you to Reward your customers for various activities like creating an account, placing x no order, buying a specific collection, reviewing a product of your store etc.
    • You can improve customer engagement using the Referral Program
    • You can set up powerful rules to redeem the earned rewards
    • You can set up the expiration of rewards as per your business strategy

  • Social Login
    • Single click login for your customers using their social media accounts

  • Wishlist
    • Customers can save their favourites in one place
    • Easy, one-click re-purchase of favourites using Account Page

  • Advanced Dashboard
    • Gives you the functionality to dive into your past orders
    • Search your past orders
    • Sort your orders using Order Filters

Note: As explained earlier, none of the add-on's cost is added in Plan prices. If you are choosing any of the add-ons you will have to pay for that add-on and based on the Plan selection, add-on prices may vary.

Not a single penny is hidden.

We are following the Shopify Billing API, you'll be billed based on the Plan and add-on selection.

Billing Charges will be the same, as displayed on the Flits application Billing Page.