If you are interested to establish your e-Shoppe as a brand name in the ecosystem you can go for the Enterprise plan, not only because you have a heavy customer base but you are diligent to pursue success.

Our enterprise plan does not have any boundaries of customer base, those who are willing to grow their business along with the enterprise services this Plan is for you.

As an enterprise plan holder, you have the privilege to access the Flits features (which might vary based on your customer plan selection)

If you are looking forward to monitoring your business growth, we will help with the reports of feature usage like a monthly or quarterly report of the credit activities or wishlist products etc.

If you have an in-house data analysis team, you can use such kind of reports

  • to improve your business strategies
  • use it in your marketing strategies

We are here to help you create your business as a brand not because we are interested in to generate more revenue, but we are genuinely interested in your growth.

Our Core Team is always available to serve you, help you with strategic planning and execution of features.

We are hoping through Flits we can add more value to your business.

Our dream is to turn your visions in reality through Flits.
We welcome you to the Flits Enterprise family.

Features of Flits Enterprise Plan :

  • All features of the Business Plan. Learn more about Business Plan features.
  • Customer Account Page Layout Customization (Advanced)
  • Customer / Order Notes
  • Custom API
  • Klaviyo Integration (work with Store Credit add-on)
  • Shopify POS Integration (work with Store Credit add-on)
  • Shopify Flow Integration (work with Store Credit add-on)
  • Dedicated Success Manager
  • Integration Engineer
  • Live chat and call support

What kind of customer account design changes we are including in Enterprise Plan?

We are including feasible design changes as per your theme.

- You can share your design ideas regarding Customer Account Page with us. We will help you out. 

Customer / Order Notes :

We will help you to display the Customer and Orders Notes within the Customer Account Page. Click here to learn more.

Note: These notes can't be edited by the Customers.

Live Chat and Call Support:

We are offering Live Chat Support. Timing of Live Chat support is 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM IST, Monday to Friday.

- Due to any reasons, if we are not available in Live Chat, you can drop your questions, our support executive will get back to you as soon as possible.

We are offering Call Support to help you with your queries. As we are dealing with 5000+ merchants, we offer call support once in a month.

Custom API : 

We are providing our API document so your theme developer can play around it for any third-party app integration. If your developer needs any technical help then Flits tech team will help you up to 8 hours. 

-  Through our well-organized API document, your mobile app developer can integrate Flits with your mobile app. 

Dedicated Success Manager :

- Our dedicated success manager will help you to make a strategy to attract your customer through Flits features. 

- You can set a called meeting for questions regarding Flits.   

- Call meetings will be scheduled once in a month. (We will cover Flits features only)

Integration Engineer :

- If you would like to use any third-party application with Flits, provide that application API documentation to us.

- Our integration engineer will analyze your request.

- The integration engineer will confirm your integration request as per the feasibility analysis.

- We will help you to integrate 2 additional applications with Flits, with technically feasible workflow.

- We will help you with 2 integrations in support.

Integrations :

You will be able to use all integrations available in Business Plan with below-listed integration.

i. Klaviyo: You can use Klaviyo to send email notifications for your store's credit activities. Know More..

ii. Shopify POS: You can use our Shopify POS integration to reward your physical store customers. Know More..

ii. Shopify Flow: You can use our Shopify Flow integration to reward customers creating custom Flows. Know More..