Nowadays, we have a number of resources to find answers to all our questions. But as an application developer, it is our core duty to equip our merchant's basic needs.

With a motive to add more information on your board, we are sharing with you the basic, primary questions which are faced by the new learners or sometimes missed by the merchants.

In this article, we will discuss on How one can create a duplicate theme of any existing theme and how to preview that theme?

If you are new to Flits we suggest you create a duplicate of the theme, analyze and explore the application features on it before going live.

How to create a duplicate theme?

Step 1: Open your Shopify Store Admin.

Step 2: Click on Themes under Online Store section of the left side navigation menu.

Step 3: Once you open it, you will be able to view the themes you've downloaded to your store. Click on the Actions button beside the theme name of which you would like to create a duplicate.

Step 4: Click on the Duplicate label of the Theme Actions List.

Note: The duplicate theme name is always started with the word " Copy of " followed by theme name. Which let you understand that this is a copy of any theme.

In the following image, you can view an example of a duplicate theme of the Simple_Test theme.

Step 5: Once you successfully create a new theme, open Apps section from the left side navigation menu. Click on "Flits-Store Credit, Wishlist" to open Flits App Admin.

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Step 6: In Flits Admin, click on the Install Code section of the left side navigation menu. On Install Code page you will be able to see the list of all the Shopify Themes, which you've downloaded to your store.

Step 7: Select the duplicate theme from the list and click on the install code button to Install Flits code on that theme.

How to preview a duplicate theme?

Step 8: After installing the code into the theme, jump back to the Shopify store admin.

Step 9: Again click on the Actions button of the duplicate theme. Click on the Preview label. It will preview your store website.

Step 10: Now by registering on the store, you will be able to see Flits Customer Account Page and other Flits features which are added by you with the Plan.

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