Use Klaviyo to Acknowledge your customers for credit activities performed on the store.

Note: Kalviyo integration is available on Enterprise Plan only.

Note: One should purchase Store Credit add-on to use Flits-Klaviyo integration.

Flits allow you to send various mail notifications such as,

  • Mails for Reward Program
  • Mails for Referral Program

Follow steps given below to send Mail Notification using Flits-Klaviyo integration.

Step 1: Setup Klaviyo integration to your stores. Follow How to setup Klaviyo integration?

Step 2: After setting up Klaviyo integration, Set up Klaviyo mails. Follow How to setup Klaviyo mail notification?

Step 3: After successful mail notification settings the user will receive Mail Notifications based on mail set up performed in Klaviyo admin.

Sample Mail Notification :

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