If you are switching to a new app, as a merchant your first priority is to collect existing data and merge it with the new or existing one.

With Flits you don't need to worry about your existing data. We offer you the functionality to import your existing data to our application.

In this article, we will discuss how you can import your existing Wishlist data with Flits Wishlist.

How to submit a request to import your existing Wishlist data?

  1. Generate a request on to import your existing Wishlist data.
  2. Our support team will guide you with the process of data merger.

What you will need, to import Wishlist data?

  1. A list of existing wishlist products
  2. Arrange the wishlist products in a CSV format provided by Flits support executive.

Example of CSV format: (Below format is for illustrative purpose only) 

shopify customer id
customer email id
product handle

After managing the wishlist CSV file, follow the below steps.

  1. Send the CSV file to your assigned support executive.
  2. The executive will send your request further to the technical team.
  3. The tech member will merge that file with your current wishlist data.
  4. After the successful data merger, you will get an acknowledgement from our support executive to review your data. 

Note: Your merger request may take 24hrs or more based on no of customers.

For any further query, contact us on