Step 1: Log in to using your Twitter login credentials.

Step 2: If you are first time creating an app on Twitter, Click on Apps label from the top right corner. 

Step 3: Click on Create an App button to create a new app. 

              If you have already registered in Twitter follow Steps from Step 5.

Step 4: Register to get access to Twitter API. Follow below-mentioned steps.

- Choose Reason for app development and click next button.

- Confirm your user identity, feed the required information and click next button.

- Specify application use in the asked manner and click next button to proceed.

- Accept agreement terms and click Submit Application button.

After completing the registration process to access Twitter API, when you click Submit Application button an email to verify your account will be sent to your registered email address. Perform verification through email and now you will be able to create a Twitter application.

Step 5: Click on the user name from the top right corner and open Apps page. Click on the Create an app button to create an app.

Step 6: Enter app details and click on Create button. It will create a new twitter app for given details.

Step 7: Open your app from the Apps section.

Step 8: You can get API keys and tokens from the Keys and tokens section under your app details.

Step 9: Edit and/or review your application's Access Permission from Permissions section.

Step 10: In Flits App Admin, open Social Login Settings from the Settings section.

Step 11: In Twitter Settings, add App ID and App Secret copied from the Keys and tokens>>Consumer API Keys section of your Twitter app and copy the Redirect URL and paste it to the Callback URL section of your Twitter app.

Note: Copy Redirect URL except the shop name parameter. [ https://................/auth/callback ]

Step 12: Click on Save button to save your changes.

Congratulations..!! Now you can use your custom Twitter Application Login on your store.

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